Membership is key to the Trust - so a piece of DM and email was needed to communicate this. 

Across many years, seasons and themes, I've developed the raffle and format - creating the most successful packs the client has had.

The Trust needed to maintain a relationship with its junior members. So two DM pieces were created: For over elevens a diary of suggested activities throughout the seasons. For under elevens, a fold-out poster format with stickers.

The research team required a framework document produced - so I brought the copy to life using their rich library of images.

I've also worked of NT Holidays, a self mailer and emailer shown. A well as a piece of spec work which I named "summer swaps".

In partnership with Cotswolds Outdoor - I created a range of POS and free walking guides (which included creating the bespoke maps).

NT properties have a rich history of film locations - so to add value to the visitor experience I produced a range of pieces to guide them whilst on-site. 

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